Sweet Communication

Sweet Communication was founded in 2019 by a young and innovative team with many years of experience in customer service, market research and sales. By conducting business in Thailand, we can offer our employees a different everyday life with challenging tasks and a leisure time with completely new opportunities. Of course, Sweet Communication has a BOI license (Board of Investment) to be able to hire non-Thai workers.

Together we increase your customers’ loyalty

We know customer relationships. You know your customers and your offer. In consultation with you as a client, we develop solutions to increase customer satisfaction and thus retention.

Good communication – at all levels

We know the value of good dialogues between companies and their customers, both to acquire new customers and retain the ones you already have. That is why we continuously follow up with you and our employees so that the right things are communicated over time.

Expertise is a good start

Our ambition is always to become experts in our customers' offerings and the problems and needs it solves for the customers. We know that thorough knowledge is the best foundation for building customer trust.

We are your personal service

Customers expect personal service and when done correctly, it enhances the customer experience. It can even turn a negative event into something that strengthens the customer relationship. Our employees know how to benefit the relationship with personal service and build loyalty.

Always feedback

We always ask your customers for feedback. Why? Because in one and the same action it achieves two purposes. It shows the customer that we pay attention to them and their opinions. And it gives us a basis for developing both our methods and your offer.