We are increasing the number of satisfied customers.


For clients

We are increasing the number of satisfied customers. And thus also your profitability.
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For job applicants

Become part of an innovative company with big plans for the next few years.
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Capture a unique experience

Life is short and there are lots of things to see and experience. With us, you get challenging tasks together with a unique opportunity to get to know a new part of the world.
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Modern premises for creativity

In our newly renovated and modern premises, you are offered a bright and positive workplace. In this way, you have the best conditions to feel good and perform at the top!

Become part of our team

With us, you become an important cog in a well-oiled team. There is a relaxed atmosphere and even though we like to compete with each other towards common goals, there is never a lack of help if you need it.

Live in a vibrant city

Bangkok is pulsating like few other cities. There are fantastic restaurants, glamorous nightclubs, rooftop bars high in the sky and the world’s best street food down the streets.

Rest on paradise beaches in tropical climate

Whether you prefer white beaches with turquoise waters, or green mountains and hot springs, your dream vacation is never more than a stone’s throw away.

About Sweet Communication

Sweet Communication helps companies create and maintain valuable customer dialogues. We offer services in sales, research and customer service in the Scandinavian and Asian markets. We are based in the heart of Bangkok.