Our Services

Sweet Communication offers a complete range of services that nurture customer dialogue.

Customer service

We offer complete solutions for customer service via telephone, live chat and e-mail. Through our customer service system, we can easily adapt the service to the needs of your company and its customers. All feedback is documented so that you can develop your offer.

Customer loyalty

Recruiting a new customer costs five times more than retaining one. In other words, it is easier and cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. We put a lot of effort into listening to existing customers in order to improve the dialogue between your company and its customers.

Quality controls

You should be able to trust that our work with your customer dialogues is of high quality, even over time. That is why we always reconcile the work with daily quality controls.


We tailor campaigns for your offer based on the needs it solves for your customers. Whether it's cold, cross or additional sales – we can handle your sales dialogues on all levels.

Appointment booking

We have many years of experience in new customer processing and meeting booking. Let us book your meetings and concentrate instead on closing the deal. We promise that it will increase your profitability.

Market research

We help you identify needs and opinions, whether it is about improving your offer or assessing a new target group. We take care of everything – from designing questionnaires to analyzing the results.


We handle all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Act).